Store 2000 is a family owned and operated business that has serviced Ireland’s retail sector since 1999.

Because we are family owned, the company strives for the highest standards and quality possible. Our work portfolio constantly develops and shifts with market demand.

Originally set up as a shelving supplier and distributor, Store 2000 has continued to grow and strives to stay on the cutting edge.

We survived the economic downturn through expansion into the signage market and consolidation of all operations under one roof.

Store 2000 now runs shopfitting and signage hand-in-hand with both sides of the business complementing each other.

We are constantly developing and offering more services to customers. For example, we now offer full in-house 3D designs and layouts for retail.

We have also expanded our signage department to facilitate in-house production of lightbox signs and oversized stretch canvas signs.

We offer a complete service for retail and signage customers, including but not limited to the following:

We also have an extensive range of signage options available but not limited to: